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Brow Lift vs. Botox

Brow lift vs. Botox

As people age, fine lines and wrinkles form on the face, and the skin loses elasticity and starts to sag. Signs of aging can be especially apparent around a person’s eyes. These changes are normal and to be expected, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be reversed. People who want to restore a more youthful Read More…

Fat Transfer Techniques

Fat transfer techniques

When people consider the most common signs of aging, they think about wrinkles and sagging skin. What often doesn’t come to mind is facial volume loss, which is actually an underlying cause of the other signs of aging. Facial volume loss can cause the face to look flat and less full. To restore a plumper, Read More…

Liposuction Myths

Liposuction myths

Millions of people have improved their appearance via liposuction. If you’re considering whether liposuction is right for you, focus on the facts, not myths that have sprung up around the procedure. Top Chicago plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Galiano separates fact from fiction when it comes to liposuction.

Plastic Surgery for Men

Plastic surgery for men

Although men are still in the minority when it comes to plastic surgery patients, the gap is narrowing. However, men might seek cosmetic procedures for different reasons than their female counterparts. Renowned Chicago plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Galiano discusses plastic surgery for men and why this surge in interest is occurring.

Breast Revision Options

Breast Implant Correction Options

Have you fallen out of love with the look of your breast implants, or developed a complication that affects the look and feel of your implants? If so, you might be a good candidate for breast revision with Dr. Robert Galiano. Breast revision is intended to fix implant-related problems or address aesthetic concerns by replacing Read More…

Preparing for the Day of Surgery

Plastic surgery

Exactly how a patient prepares for plastic surgery depends on the type of procedure being performed. For example, preparing for liposuction is quite different than preparing for a tummy tuck. Top Chicago plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Galiano focuses not only on physical preparedness, but on the all-important mental outlook.

Reasons Why You Deserve a Mommy Makeover

Chicago Mommy Makeover

While motherhood is a beautiful and rewarding experience, it’s also hard work, both physically and emotionally, and involves a lot of tough decisions. But a mommy makeover is a decision mothers can feel confident about. Postpartum, many women struggle with body issues, as pregnancy and breastfeeding take a significant toll. But mommy makeover surgery, which Read More…

The Top Combination Procedures

Combination Procedures

Combining cosmetic surgery procedures offers patients the most comprehensive results. It minimizes recovery time and allows patients to see their results faster. Plus, in some cases, it can be more affordable. A lot of cosmetic procedures are available to patients, so there are numerous possible combinations. The option that’s right for you depends on your Read More…

Exploring the Benefits of a Tummy Tuck Procedure

Tummy tuck benefits in Chicago

Tummy tuck can be an effective solution for anyone whose previous weight gain left a conspicuous mark on the body’s midsection, loosening skin and weakening abdominal muscles. As a trusted Chicago plastic surgeon, Dr. Robert Galiano is skilled at turning back the clock for patients who seek to reclaim the toned, fit stomach they remember. Read More…

Back to school…Attention back to Mom!

5 reasons why fall is a great time to plan that mommy makeover! For busy moms, summer has been a whirlwind of camps, trips, sleepovers, barbecues and the mad rush of trying to get the kids ready for back-to-school. Many moms find that with the children back in classes, they now have some breathing room Read More…

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