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3 Ways Dr. Galiano Can Customize Your Tummy Tuck

Customized Tummy Tuck Chicago

One of Dr. Robert Galiano’s prevailing beliefs as a plastic surgeon is that every patient is unique and requires a treatment approach that considers him or her as an individual. There is no “cookie cutter” approach that will best fulfill everyone’s individual needs.

Breast Reduction Benefits

breast reduction benefits

Most patients who seek plastic surgery do so for cosmetic reasons. breast reduction benefits can be wonderful and patients are often primarily motivated to improve their quality of life. If you have contemplated breast reduction surgery, you probably already have considered the various ways having smaller breasts would make your life easier. Here, elite plastic Read More…

Most Effective Areas for Botox? Your Questions Answered

Most effective areas for Botox

If you focus on your facial lines each time you look in the mirror, you may be considering a cosmetic upgrade. Fortunately, it is not necessary to commit to plastic surgery to refresh your face. Botox, a popular injectable treatment, can help you to achieve a smoother, younger-looking face for less money than surgery and Read More…

4 Benefits of Neck Lift

Neck Lift Chicago, IL

One of the first places you are likely to notice signs of aging on your body is your neck. Due to a combination of weight fluctuation, sun damage, skin laxity and genetics, your neck may look older prematurely. Fortunately, Dr. Robert Galiano, a top-rated, board-certified plastic surgeon in Chicago, has found great success rejuvenating the Read More…

Areas Where Fat Can Be Most Stubborn

Liposuction Chicago, IL

Losing weight is easy — at least on paper. By limiting your caloric intake and exercising regularly, you should be able to reduce your fat cells. Unfortunately, various factors may complicate the results. Often, you will find that you have managed to shed weight from certain parts of your body, while some fat clings stubbornly Read More…

When Does It Make Sense to Have Breast Revision Surgery?

Breast Revision Surgery Chicago, IL

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the United States, in large part because women who have breast implants are very satisfied with their decision to have the surgery. However, when women are less than thrilled with their breast augmentation, the good news is that they are not stuck with that Read More…

4 Ways Your Brow Looks Better After Forehead Lift

Forehead Lift Chicago, IL

As we age, gravity takes its toll on every area of the body. However, the forehead is particularly affected. Brows move downward and the distance between the eyebrows and eyelids shortens. In many cases these effects can be addressed with a forehead lift. Here Chicago plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Galiano discusses four ways in which Read More…

What is the Best Way to Get Rid of Loose Skin?

Plastic Surgery Chicago, IL

As we age, skin loses its flexibility and starts to sag. Pregnancy and considerable weight loss also leave behind excess, saggy skin. The best way to address these effects depends on the skin’s location but often involves some form of surgery. Chicago plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Galiano discusses common cosmetic procedures to excise loose, saggy Read More…

These Questions Can Help You Determine If Mommy Makeover Is Right for You

Mommy Makeover Chicago, IL

Mommy makeover is a customizable combination of surgical procedures that improve flaws that develop after pregnancy. Popular procedures that you may choose to incorporate in mommy makeover include breast lift, breast augmentation, tummy tuck and liposuction. Chicago board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Galiano suggests some questions you should ask yourself to determine whether mommy makeover Read More…

A Breast Lift with Breast Implants Offers Better Placement and Projection

Breast lift and Implants Chicago, IL

The reasons a woman seeks cosmetic breast surgery usually dictate which procedure board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Galiano performs. Breast lift helps with sagging breasts, while breast augmentation or breast reduction can help to alter the size of the breasts. Depending on the personal goals of the patient, Dr. Galiano may even suggest combining these Read More…

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