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How Mastopexy with Implants Corrects Droopy, Deflated Breasts

Mastopexy Procedure in Chicago, IL

Are you concerned that your breasts look saggy and flattened? This is a common cosmetic issue for women, particularly those who have lost a significant amount of weight or have previously been pregnant. Although these changes are natural, you may not enjoy the current presentation of your breasts and wish to enhance them with plastic surgery. Dr. Robert Galiano is a board-certified plastic surgeon who often performs mastopexy (breast lift) with breast implants to optimize the results of breast surgery. 

Why Do Breasts Lose Their Youthful Appearance and Positioning?

Although genetics can account for a variety of breast shapes and presentations, most women have fuller, higher breasts that point outward in their younger years. However, aging, weight fluctuation, and pregnancy can take a toll on the breasts from a cosmetic standpoint. With pregnancy, the breasts enlarge for nursing, This has two major effects, the first being that breast skin can remain stretched even though the breasts have returned to their previous size (sometimes even smaller), which causes sagging. The second effect is that breasts lose their full shape, with the density of the breast resting at the bottom of the breast mass. This makes the breasts appear more pendulous than round.

Breast Surgeries That Can Correct These Issues

Breast lift is a great surgery for elevating the breasts to counter sagging. By removing the loose skin from around your breasts, Dr. Galiano can provide breasts that rest at a higher position. He can also reposition the nipples so that they point straight forward for a perky appearance.

Breast augmentation can add volume and shape to the breasts with breast implants. It is common for women to miss the former size of their breasts after losing weight, or to realize that they prefer the larger breast size that accompanied their pregnancy.

Dr. Galiano frequently combines both these surgeries to simultaneously lift and augment the breasts. In performing these procedures at the same time, Dr. Galiano can create your ideal breast profile and proportions. Instead of having droopy, deflated breasts, you can have shapely and elevated breasts that look beautiful and youthful.

Transform Your Breasts

If changes to your breasts have you feeling less confident and vibrant, you may be a strong candidate for mastopexy with breast implants. To discuss this procedure with a leading breast specialist in Chicago, please call Dr. Galiano’s office at 312-926-4382 today.


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