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4 Benefits of Neck Lift

Neck Lift Chicago, IL

One of the first places you are likely to notice signs of aging on your body is your neck. Due to a combination of weight fluctuation, sun damage, skin laxity and genetics, your neck may look older prematurely. Fortunately, Dr. Robert Galiano, a top-rated, board-certified plastic surgeon in Chicago, has found great success rejuvenating the neck with neck lift surgery. Here, he describes some of the benefits this popular procedure, specifically the types of aesthetic flaws that neck lift can reduce: Continue reading “4 Benefits of Neck Lift”

Areas Where Fat Can Be Most Stubborn

Liposuction Chicago, IL

Losing weight is easy — at least on paper. By limiting your caloric intake and exercising regularly, you should be able to reduce your fat cells. Unfortunately, various factors may complicate the results. Often, you will find that you have managed to shed weight from certain parts of your body, while some fat clings stubbornly to other areas. In this blog, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Galiano shares three regions where fat is most likely to be resistant to diet and exercise efforts. He also explains which cosmetic procedures can help you to improve your body contours when a healthy lifestyle does not finish the job. Continue reading “Areas Where Fat Can Be Most Stubborn”

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