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How These Breast Surgeries Improve the Lives of Women in Chicago

Breast Surgery Chicago, IL

Women choose breast surgery for many reasons, ranging from restoring the bust after breast cancer surgery to lifting breast tissue after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Regardless of the reason, research shows that cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgeries lead to better psychosocial, sexual and physical well-being. Women report more satisfaction with their breasts and figure for many years.

Dr. Robert D. Galiano in Chicago has helped countless women achieve their goals for their breasts and body through these breast surgeries:

Satisfaction Rates After Breast Augmentation

The Breast-Q survey evaluated the responses of 611 women before and after their breast augmentation at intervals of six weeks and six months post-op. These women, many of whom chose silicone breast implants, reported several aspects of their quality of life improved after breast augmentation with breast implants. They rated these life improvements as “very large” in the standard measuring tool.

Research suggests that women are just as happy with their breasts after breast surgery as patients who have undergone total hip replacement or other orthopedic procedures. Breast augmentation can enhance your self-confidence, and you can enjoy a wider variety of clothing.

Less Pain and Improved Quality of Life After Breast Reduction

Large breasts take an equally enormous toll on your life, leading to chronic pain, skin irritation or infections and limiting your exercise options and activities. A 2020 study investigated the quality of life in Australian women with symptomatic breast hypertrophy (excessive breast growth) who did and did not have a breast reduction. Researchers followed these women for 12 months and found that their physical and psychological concerns were significantly improved within one year of reduction mammoplasty and comparable to the average population, while women who did not have the procedure had the same low scores on symptom severity and poor quality of life.

Regardless of the women’s BMI and weight of the breast tissue removed, the satisfaction rates were the same. Women with breast hypertrophy can benefit from breast reduction no matter their size or amount of excess breast tissue.

Restored Femininity with Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy

Breast reconstruction restores your bust at the same time as the mastectomy or after you’ve healed from the procedure. A health survey questionnaire evaluated the quality of life of women before and one year after they had a single or double mastectomy and immediate breast reconstruction. Their expectations and satisfaction scores showed that their emotional well-being and physical functioning increased along with all psychological and physical improvement scores.

Many women struggle with losing their sense of self during and after treatment for breast cancer. Breast reconstruction restores a feeling of femininity and being comfortable in your body and clothing again.

Reduced Symptoms After Breast Lift

Sagging breasts can be more than a cosmetic concern that affects your body confidence. The drooping tissue may create an uneven appearance that impacts how your clothing fits and irritate the creases under the breasts and surrounding skin. You may struggle with chafing and rashes or experience difficulty during exercises due to the low positioning of your breast weight — women who have a breast lift report feeling more confidence and less discomfort after their breast surgery.

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