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Breast Reduction in Chicago

What Is A Breast Reduction?

breast reduction surgery in ChicagoBreast reduction is a procedure that seeks to remove the excess breast tissue and skin in excessively large breasts in order to improve a woman’s symptoms of discomfort and pain, while at the same time ensuring that the results attained are attractive and aesthetically pleasing to the patient. A breast lift is usually performed in conjunction with breast reduction in order to give the breasts a more youthful appearance.

Breast Reduction Benefits

Excessively large, heavy breasts can cause significant health and psychological problems in women. These issues can include:

  • Back, neck and shoulder pain
  • Rashes underneath the breasts
  • Numbness in the hands and arms
  • Social embarrassment
  • Restricted ability to exercise
  • Difficulty finding a comfortable bra

Why Choose Expert Breast Reduction Surgeon?

Dr. Galiano is widely recognized as an expert in breast reduction surgery with a reputation as a caring, accomplished, and devoted physician. Dr. Galiano is both board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and an active member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. With Dr. Galiano as your surgeon, you can be confident that your care is in the hands of one of the most conscientious, compassionate, and innovative plastic surgeons in Chicago.

“I believe that the best result in cosmetic surgery is one that looks natural, is long-lasting and is tailored to your physical traits and your desires. This is achieved through the judicious use of both minimally invasive as well as surgical procedures, depending on your needs and your wishes. My main goal is simple: I want to make you happy.” ~ Dr. Galiano

Are You A Candidate For Breast Reduction?

In general, if you are over 18 years of age and in good health you are likely an excellent candidate for a breast reduction. Occasionally, younger patients may require a breast reduction for therapeutic purposes. Dr. Galiano will discuss this with you at your consultation. If you have breast health issues or are morbidly obese, in poor health or nursing, then you are probably not a good candidate for breast reduction.

Breast Reduction Surgery Details

Women’s breasts come in all shapes and sizes, and they change and age in a multitude of different ways. As a result, breast reduction is not a “one size fits all” type of operation, and the exact type of procedure that will be performed will be discussed with you during your consultation.

Primarily, your breasts will be smaller, less heavy, and will also be lifted. Dr. Galiano considers it paramount that each procedure he performs also achieves an ideal aesthetic outcome. The main goal is to re-position and reshape the breasts (the skin, the breast tissue, and the nipple/areola) and to remove the amount of breast tissue required to both make you feel better and provide a beautiful contour to your breasts.

Your breasts will be fuller, shapelier and positioned in a manner that better suits your frame. In addition, your nipples and areolae will appear smaller, more defined and more youthful-appearing. A breast reduction will always lift your breasts as well. You may experience a heightened sense of self-esteem and confidence as well.

Short Scar Breast Reduction

Dr. Galiano prefers to do breast reductions, on suitable candidates, via a vertical technique (also known as a modified LeJour or “short-scar” type of breast reduction). This is not done solely to minimize the scar length but also to provide a beautiful, long-lasting shape to the breast.

Anchor Type Breast Reduction

If an anchor incision (also referred to as an “inverted-T’ or “Wise pattern incision) is indicated for your breasts, then Dr. Galiano will ensure that the procedure is performed in a modified manner to ensure that your breast shape is not compromised.

With either technique, the procedure is done in the operating room under general anesthesia. It usually lasts 3-5 hours, and most patients go home the same day. Dr. Galiano focuses on providing a beautiful result; therefore, liposuction will also be performed during most breast reductions.

“I had my breast reduction in January and after meeting with several plastic surgeons I decided to go with Dr. Galiano and couldn’t be happier! From the very first appointment he made me feel very comfortable and I could tell that he truly cared. Dr. Galiano is a true professional and from the insurance approval to the surgery and all the follow-up appointments he was wonderful.” – GSmith1980, RealSelf

See the results of Dr. Galiano’s patients who have undergone this procedure in the breast reduction before and after gallery.

Will Insurance Cover Breast Reduction Surgery?

Oftentimes, a breast reduction is covered by insurance. In general, insurance coverage is possible when your excessively heavy breasts cause significant symptoms (back, neck, and shoulder pain, rashes) that have not responded to conservative measures, such as strengthening exercises, custom bras, and/or physical therapy. Please check with your insurance company to obtain a listing of their policies. The best way to determine if your insurance company will cover your breast reduction is to see Dr. Galiano for a consultation – he will inform you of your options and assist you.

Breast Reduction Risks

Any surgical procedure has risks, and you will be given a full discussion of these during your breast reduction consultation in Chicago. Some known risks include the following:

  • Scarring
  • Temporary or permanent loss of nipple sensation
  • Pain
  • Asymmetry
  • Changes in your mammogram
  • Lumps
  • Bleeding
  • Small wounds

Dr. Galiano will go over these risks, and will discuss ways that he minimizes the chances of them occurring.

Breast Reduction Aftercare & Recovery

Most patients do not need drains or special bras after the procedure. In fact, to minimize any wound healing complications it is a good idea to avoid wearing a bra for the first two weeks post-operatively. Dr. Galiano uses proven techniques to minimize the pain that is typically associated with breast surgery. Pain is very patient-specific, but most patients will not experience significant pain when they have the procedure performed by Dr. Galiano. Most patients benefit from being away from work for at least one week, and ideally two weeks. There will be swelling, some variable amount of bruising, and some firmness initially. Depending on the technique used, the breasts will settle into a reasonable shape between six weeks and six months after your procedure. Mild changes and improvement of the scars will continue to take place for the first year after your procedure. You should not drive for 2 weeks after your procedure, and although you may do mild exercises as soon as you feel up to it, you will be asked not to perform any exercises that cause your breasts to bounce (i.e., running) for six weeks after your procedure.

“My goal is to provide an aesthetically beautiful result that allows a woman to feel more comfortable, relieves any physical discomfort she may have had from her weighty breasts, permits her to exercise and fit better into clothing and bras. I consider a breast reduction operation to be a satisfying blend of a therapeutic/reconstructive operation and a cosmetic procedure.” ~ Dr. Galiano

Breast Reduction Costs

Breast Reduction in ChicagoSince each breast reduction surgery is customized to the needs of the patient, the total cost of the surgery varies from person to person. Factors include the amount of tissue that needs to be removed to achieve the desired volume, whether the nipples/areolas need to be repositioned or resized and how much skin needs to be removed to keep the smaller breasts look perky. A quote for the full cost is provided during the consultation phase.

Dr. Galiano has helped many of his patients to have their breast reduction covered (in part or in full) by insurance. Health insurance plans are most likely to cover the procedure for patients who have ongoing documentation of back, neck and shoulder pain related to the size of their breasts.

Breast Reduction Testimonials

“Breast reduction really is life changing. I feel so comfortable in my body now without all that extra weight and tissue. Working out is easier, dressing simpler, standing and walking… everything feels better! My breasts have healed very well, and the shape Dr. Galiano created is beautiful!” ~ A.P.

“Dr. Galiano is amazing! The whole experience from the consultation to the post-op visits have been productive with no problems. I had a breast reduction: the nipple placement is even and the breasts are the same size. I couldn’t ask for better results. The results were so amazing I had two people ask me for Dr. Galiano’s contact information.” ~ P.L.

“Dr. Galiano is a true professional. He was wonderful from the insurance approval to the surgery to the follow-up appointments. The recovery was a bit tough for me, but the nurse was fantastic. Every time I called or emailed a concern, she responded right back. I couldn’t be happier with the results. I should had my surgery years sooner!” ~ G.S.

Breast Reduction FAQ

How long will my breast reduction results last?

Breast Reduction Cost in ChicagoBreast reduction is considered permanent, so you can enjoy the new reduced volume of your breasts for the rest of your life. A few factors may cause your breasts to enlarge again such as gaining weight, becoming pregnant, breastfeeding and entering menopause.  

Can I be too young or old to have breast reduction?

Though many women seek breast reduction in their 20s and 30s, middle aged and older women who are in good health are often still good candidates for this procedure. For some women, the pain associated with having large breasts increases with age, which may motivate them to finally seek surgery.

Dr. Galiano does prefer patients to be at least 18 to have breast reduction. The reason for this is that the breasts continue to develop throughout puberty. If breast development is not complete at the time breast reduction is performed, the breasts may re-enlarge later on. Dr. Galiano has a much easier time achieving long-lasting and appealing-looking results once the breasts are done developing. 

Will I have scarring after breast reduction?

Scarring is an unavoidable part of any cosmetic breast procedure. The good news is that the scars fade significantly over time. Moreover, Dr. Galiano places his incisions along existing lines (such as the lower breast crease and around the areola) so that the scarring is more easily concealed.

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