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When Does It Make Sense to Have Breast Revision Surgery?

Breast Revision Surgery Chicago, IL

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the United States, in large part because women who have breast implants are very satisfied with their decision to have the surgery. However, when women are less than thrilled with their breast augmentation, the good news is that they are not stuck with that decision forever. Board-certified breast specialist Dr. Robert Galiano regularly performs breast revision surgeries to help improve the work of other surgeons. Here, he discusses some of the reasons women request breast revision.

Implant Rupture

Implant rupture is rare, but it can happen occasionally. If a silicone implant ruptures, it is important to remove (and replace, if desired) it quickly to prevent negative health consequences. If the implant is saline, however, revision surgery is not as urgent since the saltwater can pass through the body with no repercussions.

Capsular Contracture

After an implant has been placed, scar tissue gradually forms around the implant. In some women, the scar tissue becomes too firm, squeezing the implant more tightly than it should. As a result, the implant’s shape changes. To make cosmetic improvements and limit any discomfort from capsular contracture, breast revision is recommended.

When a Different Size Is Desired

During the consultation phase, Dr. Galiano works with his patients to ensure that patients are getting the exact breast size they want. Nevertheless, a woman’s personal taste may change as she gets older. For example, a patient who wanted a D cup in her 20s may decide a B or C cup is more appropriate once she is in her 30s. Breast revision is an opportunity to switch the implant size and adjust the proportions of the body.

After Weight Fluctuation

Proportion really is the key to great, natural-looking breast augmentation. When a woman either puts on or loses a significant amount of weight, breast implants may no longer look as ideal as they did on the patient’s former frame. This is especially true when the natural breast tissue shrinks due to weight loss.

Implants Have Shifted

When a plastic surgeon creates a pocket in the breast tissue where the implant can sit, it is important to make it just the right size to fit the implant. If the pocket is too big, the implant may shift out of place and look asymmetrical. Dr. Galiano understands how to fix a fellow surgeon’s mistake so that the implant stays in its intended location.

Implant Wrinkling

Some implants develop a rippled texture over time; if that wrinkling can be spotted through the skin, that is when it becomes problematic. Although not extremely common, it is more likely to occur with saline implants or smaller breasts.

Meet with Dr. Galiano

Ultimately, whatever reasons you have for seeking breast revision surgery, it is important that you choose a world-class surgeon who understands how to get extraordinary results. Whether you want to replace your implants or remove them completely, Dr. Galiano has the surgical expertise to help your breasts look more attractive and natural. For a consultation, please call (312) 926-4382.

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