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Fix That Post-Baby Belly Bulge with Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck in Chicago

Don’t be discouraged by the Hollywood starlets that seem to effortlessly “bounce back” after baby. It is much more common to be left with a post-baby belly bulge. Dr. Robert Galiano meets countless women who are disappointed because they think they still look pregnant months or years after having children. Luckily, the plastic surgeon has a tried-and-true solution: tummy tuck (otherwise known as abdominoplasty).

Why Your Stomach Hasn’t “Snapped Back” After Baby

There are a few reasons why you may be left with a stubborn post-baby belly bulge. First, that pesky fat that you gained during pregnancy may not come off with diet or exercise efforts. Also, since your abdominal skin had to stretch so far to accommodate your growing baby, it may have a hard time contracting after you’ve given birth.

But the biggest reason for the belly bulge may be a muscle-related condition called diastasis recti. During pregnancy, your rectus abdominus muscles, which are held together by fascia (connective tissue bands), spread apart to create room for your baby. In a small percentage of women, the fascia contracts after recovering from childbirth. But for most women, the fascia does not contract and the rectus abdominus muscles stay separated. Diastasis recti not only contributes to the appearance of a protruding belly, but it can also lead to other problems such as back pain, hernias and stress urinary incontinence.

Beat the Bulge

No amount of abdominal crunches or dieting will bring the abdominal muscles back together (or tighten loose abdominal skin).  The only way to treat these issues and attain a firm, flat stomach is with plastic surgery. Dr. Galiano offers tummy tuck, which involves three important steps:

  • Repairs separated abdominal muscles and brings them back to their original position
  • Eliminates stubborn pockets of fat
  • Removes excess skin folds and tightens the remaining skin

For women whose belly buttons have stretched out due to pregnancy, Dr. Galiano can also recontour the belly button and create a new opening higher on the abdomen for a more pleasing appearance.

Finding a Tummy Tuck Surgeon Whom You Can Trust

Dr. Galiano is highly regarded for his skill with tummy tuck surgery. He understands the skillset required to deliver truly beautiful results. With his experience, Dr. Galiano knows exactly how to remove excess fat and skin and sculpt the remaining tissue so the abdomen has natural-looking curves and contours. He pays special attention to the belly button, which is often seen as the perfect “finishing touch” to a great tummy tuck.

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