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Procedures to Complement the Results of Facelift

Facelift surgery in Chicago

Facelift may be an incredible anti-aging procedure with many benefits, but it does not provide full-face rejuvenation. The procedure is designed to lift and tighten your cheeks, jawline and neck — leaving your upper face mostly untouched.

For total facial rejuvenation, you may opt to combine facelift with other procedures. Strategically incorporating complementary procedures can greatly enhance the impact of your facelift results without significantly adding to your operating or recovery time.

Here, Dr. Robert Galiano discusses some of the most popular procedures that complement facelift.


It may be a natural choice to pair facelift with blepharoplasty, as your eyes tend to age at the same rate as your mid- and lower face. Upper and lower blepharoplasty revitalizes tired, aged-looking eyes by removing excess eyelid fat and tightening loose eyelid skin. Lower blepharoplasty can also smooth out pesky under-eye bags.

Brow Lift

If your eyelids are in good shape but your brows hang heavy on your face, brow lift is the better option. Brow lift elevates low-hanging brows and smooths creases and wrinkles on the forehead.

Chin Augmentation

Your chin plays an important part in overall facial harmony. If it is naturally weak or receding, placing a chin implant can increase its projection to balance out the rest of your facial features.

Fat Transfer

Looking to add definition or volume to other areas of your face? You could opt for dermal filler injections — or, Dr. Galiano could use fat taken from another area of your body (such as your abdomen or thighs). Fat transfer is a very popular way to plump up thin lips, flat temples or hollows under the eyes.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Some plastic surgeons liken facelift to hemming a pair of pants, and laser skin resurfacing to ironing out the wrinkles. By enhancing the quality of your skin and minimizing fine lines, creases and hyperpigmentation, laser resurfacing can maximize the benefits of your facelift. Dr. Galiano and his team can recommend the specific laser treatment that is most suitable for your unique skin needs.

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Dr. Galiano is one of the most respected facelift surgeons in the Chicago area, and he is very knowledgeable about combining facelift with other procedures. With his experience, he can recommend the best course of action to attain your facial rejuvenation goals.

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