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3 Reasons to Choose Body Lift Surgery for Loose Skin

Body Lift Surgery In Chicago, IL

Does loose or sagging skin affect many of your body’s contours? Body lift is a comprehensive surgical plan that tightens skin in multiple areas of your midsection (usually including the abdomen, thighs, hips, and buttocks) to create sleeker contours that more accurately reflect your current weight. In this blog, Dr. Robert Galiano describes why body lift may be a smart cosmetic decision for you.

You Have Lost a Dramatic Amount of Weight

Losing a lot of weight (with or without the help of bariatric surgery) requires a lot of discipline, but the health rewards are certainly worth it. The main potential downside to losing so many pounds is that your body may not magically appear as skinny as you would hope. That’s because your skin may not be elastic enough to contract to match your newly trimmed down figure, adding extra girth. No matter how hard you diet and exercise, stretched skin will not go away. To get the physique you worked so hard to attain, you may need some help from plastic surgery.

You Have Loose Skin in Many Areas

Many body contouring procedures focus on a single area such as the stomach, arms, or thighs. However, if you have excess skin in many areas of your body, tightening in just one area may leave you with unharmonious proportions. Therefore, it often makes sense to tackle several areas at once, as is the case with body lift. Eliminating loose skin around the full circumference of your midsection can help to optimize your physique simultaneously.

You Have a Lot of Chafing

When loose skin hangs from your body, it is liable to become irritating. Rashes form under the folds of skin (especially in areas where perspiration gets trapped), and chafing is common when you move around. Rather than tolerating this discomfort indefinitely, your best option is to remove the extra skin with surgery. Body lift can tighten several areas where chafing and irritation are most likely to occur.

Meet with Chicago’s Leading Body Contouring Expert

Dr. Galiano is a board-certified plastic surgeon who completed his residency at the prestigious Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery at New York University Medical Center. He performs multiple body contouring surgeries, including body lift, tummy tuck, thigh lift, and liposuction. If loose skin is preventing you from looking and feeling your best, schedule a consultation with him to learn all your options. Call 312-926-4382 today.

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