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3 Ways Dr. Galiano Can Customize Your Tummy Tuck

Customized Tummy Tuck Chicago

One of Dr. Robert Galiano’s prevailing beliefs as a plastic surgeon is that every patient is unique and requires a treatment approach that considers him or her as an individual. There is no “cookie cutter” approach that will best fulfill everyone’s individual needs.

Take, for example, tummy tuck surgery. Standard tummy tuck includes three basic components: fat removal, skin removal/tightening and muscle repair. But there are various ways that Dr. Galiano can personalize tummy tuck to better serve you. Read on as he discusses three ways to get a customized tummy tuck.

1.    Perform Mini Tummy Tuck

The first way Dr. Galiano can customize your tummy tuck is to perform a variation of conventional or “full” tummy tuck called the “mini tummy tuck.” Mini tummy tuck focuses on the lower abdomen. The surgical modifications, which are made through a short incision at the bathing suit line, are limited to the skin, fat and muscle beneath the belly button. Minimal amounts of surplus skin and pockets of fat are removed, and only the lower abdominal muscles are repaired. The abdominal skin is gently smoothed and pulled down for a taut contour.

If you have a small abdominal “pooch” or modest amounts of loose skin low on your abdomen, Dr. Galiano may recommend mini tummy tuck.

2.    Add Liposuction for Other Body Areas

Another way Dr. Galiano can customize your tummy tuck to your individual needs is to incorporate liposuction in other body areas. Liposuction is the process of inserting a slender instrument under the skin to break up fat cells and remove them from the body using suction. Incorporating liposuction into tummy tuck surgery makes the waist look thinner and better accentuates the improved abdominal contour. Depending on your unique problem areas (which areas have excess fat), Dr. Galiano may recommend using liposuction techniques on your flanks, upper thighs, lower back or buttocks to achieve a more beautiful body shape.

3.    Combine With Breast Surgery for Mommy Makeover

The third way to customize tummy tuck surgery is to combine the procedure with breast surgery for a mommy makeover. This may be a suitable solution for you if you are unhappy with leftover reminders of pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding that affect the appearance of your abdomen and breasts.

Though every mommy makeover is slightly different, the standard treatment plan includes tummy tuck with some type of breast surgery. You could opt for breast lift, either with or without implants, to reposition flat, deflated-looking breasts. Or, if you have found yourself with oversized sagging breasts after having and nursing children, you could explore the option of breast reduction with a lift. Dr. Galiano will assess your anatomy and your particular aesthetic concerns, and he will suggest the right course of action to make your vision into a reality.

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