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Why Women Wish They Had Breast Augmentation Sooner

Breast Augmentation Chicago

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, up to 98% of women who had breast augmentation say that their results either met or exceeded their expectations. Therefore, it is safe to say that women do not have a lot of regrets when it comes to enhancing their breast size. In fact, the main regret plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Galiano hears from his patients is that they wish they had decided to have the surgery younger. Below, he shares some of reasons these women feel it’s a good idea to have breast augmentation sooner rather than later.

To Develop Self-Confidence Sooner

The main reason that women have breast augmentation is to boost their satisfaction with their own bodies. Finding self-confidence can be difficult for many young women, but everyone deserves to feel happy and beautiful. Women who decided to have breast augmentation later in life often express that they should have done it sooner to stop the self-criticisms that plagued them for so long.

To Enjoy the Enhancement More Fully Before Having Children

Some women express that they wish they had more years of enjoying their breast implants before starting a family. After all, the breasts go through many changes during pregnancy. By the time breastfeeding is complete, the breasts often look saggier than they did previously, and the appealing contours achieved through plastic surgery may not be as perfect.

Luckily, these cosmetic issues can also be addressed with plastic surgery. Breast lift can re-elevate the breasts (with or without implants) to a more youthful position, and breast revision can exchange implants to restore a woman’s desired breast size and shape.

It Coincides with Life Changes

While many women have no problem talking about cosmetic enhancement, some would prefer that other people not realize they have had surgery. Women are often at a transitional phase in their 20s, moving to new cities and starting new jobs. Having breast augmentation prior to a big transition makes it easier to meet new friends, neighbors, and colleagues without having them notice that something is suddenly different.

Improvements to Social Life

After having breast augmentation, many women notice that they receive a lot more romantic interest from potential suitors. While this attention can be fulfilling at any age, some women wish they had it at the start of their dating life so they could explore their options more fully and feel more confident as they dated.

Don’t Postpone Breast Augmentation Any Longer

If you have been meaning to speak to a plastic surgeon about breast augmentation, but have hesitated to take the first steps, there is no better time than now. Schedule a consultation with Chicago’s best-reviewed plastic surgeon, Dr. Galiano, to decide whether this surgery is the right idea for you. Call 312-926-4382.

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