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Why Breast Reduction Includes a Lift

Breast Reduction Chicago

When women decide to have breast reduction to improve the proportions of their body and eliminate the discomfort that is common with oversized breasts, they envision their plastic surgeon removing excess tissue and fat from their breasts to achieve a smaller size. What they may not consider is the need to elevate the breasts when reducing their volume. Top Chicago plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Galiano incorporates breast lift into almost every breast reduction surgery he performs. Some of his reasons for including a lift are as follows:

Breast Sagging Is Significant

Women may experience drooping breasts (breast ptosis) after getting older or having a baby. However, breast sagging is almost a guarantee for a woman who has breast reduction. Since breast skin stretches to accommodate women with larger, heavier breasts, that skin typically remains stretched even after removing excess breast fat and tissue. Therefore, Dr. Galiano also lifts the breast by removing skin so that the smaller breasts do not hang low with the density of the breasts at the bottom.

Cosmetic Enhancement

While women have many reasons for pursuing breast reduction, including boosting their confidence and minimizing back, neck, and shoulder pain,  most often breast reduction is deemed a cosmetic procedure. No woman wants to pay for a surgery that leaves her with sagging breasts. Dr. Galiano understands that his patients not only want to have smaller breasts but also want to look and feel beautiful after their surgery. That is why he purposely lifts the breasts to a position where they look perky and appealing.

Symmetry Is a Concern

Breast asymmetry is common in women of all breast sizes, but when tissue is removed from each breast, it can leave the breasts looking more uneven. Dr. Galiano utilizes multiple techniques to help a woman’s breasts look reasonably identical, and breast lift is one of them. In fact, it is one of the most reliable ways to ensure that one breast does not hang lower than the other.

Centering the Nipples/Areolas

After removing breast tissue, the nipples may no longer look proportional or centered on the breast. Fortunately, a breast lift can elevate the position of the areolas and ensure that the nipples point outward rather than downward for a rejuvenated appearance. The goal is to ensure that the breasts still look natural even though they have been reduced by one or two cup sizes.

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Dr. Galiano is a board-certified plastic surgeon who receives top marks from his patients, both on his surgical skills and on his compassionate demeanor. To ensure that your breast lift results look as attractive and natural as possible, schedule a consultation by calling 312-926-4382.

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