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When Is the Best Time to Have Breast Lift?

Breast Lift Chicago

Alas, a woman’s breasts do not look the same in her 50s as they did in her 20s. Breasts that once sat high on the chest and had an appealing slope and outward nipple projection eventually sag and point downward. Dr. Robert Galiano is a respected and board-certified plastic surgeon who frequently performs breast lift on women who wish to reattain a youthful elevation for their breasts. Here, he explains the times when women are most likely to request this surgery.

After Having a Baby

A woman’s breasts get progressively larger during pregnancy, especially in the second trimester. The reason for this natural augmentation is that the breasts are preparing for lactation by growing the mammary glands and milk ducts. To accommodate the larger size, the skin around the woman’s breasts must stretch. Once the baby is born and breastfeeding is finished, however, the breasts usually shrink back to their normal size. However, depending on the elasticity of the women’s skin, the skin may not retract to meet the breast’s previous size. This can leave the breasts appearing droopy and deflated.

During Menopause

Estrogen is the primary sex hormone in a woman’s body, but the level of estrogen production can take a dramatic plunge by the time perimenopause occurs. Because estrogen is a key component for keeping skin supple, having less estrogen can cause the breast skin to become laxer, which in turn leads to breast sagging. Accordingly, many women 50 and older have breast lift to eliminate the loose skin and reattain the positioning of more youthful breasts.

As the Nipples Lose Their Perkiness

A signature characteristic of breasts on younger women is that the nipples point outward in an appealing manner. Unfortunately, gravity eventually becomes more of a factor and the nipples begin to poke downwards instead. When repositioning the breast tissue, a good plastic surgeon also adjusts the nipple so it recaptures a youthful projection. (The size of the areola can also be corrected if that has changed during hormonal fluctuations like those that occur during pregnancy and menopause.)

Whenever the Woman Wants It

Although many patients ask Dr. Galiano whether it is too soon or too late to have breast lift, the truth is that most women who are interested in the cosmetic benefits of elevating their breasts are good candidates for the surgery. A woman does not need to reach a particular milestone if genetics, aging, or other factors have caused her breasts to sag in a way that negatively affects her confidence. If she has it younger than most patients, she can consider having breast lift revision surgery 10 to 15 years later to maintain the results for longer. As for a woman who considers this surgery later in life, as long as she is healthy enough to undergo an elective procedure, there should not be a problem.

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