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Will I Keep My Natural Belly Button With Tummy Tuck?

Tummy tuck in Chicago

The easiest way to assess the quality of a tummy tuck result is to look at the belly button. Does it have a natural shape and size? Is it placed well on the abdomen? Does it suit the torso’s shape, length and size? 

Dr. Robert Galiano’s tummy tuck patients trust him to create an attractive, natural-looking belly button. They understand that it takes a lot of finesse and attention to detail to make the belly button look aesthetically pleasing. Here, Dr. Galiano explains the process of improving the navel during surgery.

Your Navel, But Better

The belly button technically does not move during tummy tuck, but the skin around it does. After creating the horizontal incision for tummy tuck along the lower abdomen, Dr. Galiano creates an additional cut around the belly button. The belly button remains attached to its “stalk” in the abdominal muscle wall. Dr. Galiano makes the necessary surgical modifications to the abdominal structures and pulls the abdominal skin down, smoothing it out as he goes. As the skin is pulled taut, it will cover the belly button, so Dr. Galiano creates a new opening in the skin and places the belly button through it. Finally, he stitches the belly button into its new position on the abdomen.

With your surgery, Dr. Galiano will customize his technique to improve your belly button so it matches your preferred shape. If your belly button was too round or stretched prior to surgery, he can create a smaller belly button with a “hooded” shape. If you had an “outie” prior to surgery, he can give you an “innie,” if you so desire. No matter what your preferences are, Dr. Galiano’s goal is always to make his surgical adjustments look completely natural, with no detectable scarring. Incision and suture placement along the belly button’s inner edge is key to preventing noticeable scarring. Sculpting the soft tissues around the belly button is also crucial to creating gentle sloping contours that look natural.

Envision Your Ideal Belly Button

As you plan for tummy tuck, take some time to think about what you want your improved belly button to look like. Think about the shape and placement it should have on your abdomen. You may even select some photographs of belly buttons you like. Bring all of this information to your consultation with Dr. Galiano so he can understand your aesthetic goals and help make them a reality.

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