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Avoiding an Artificial-Looking Facelift

Natural-looking facelift in Chicago

When it comes to ensuring a gracefully proportioned, natural facelift, the old adage that “beauty is skin deep” definitely does not apply. Experienced Chicago plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Galiano knows that the splendor of your facial beauty springs from below the surface, from the muscles and ligaments that project your joys, passions and character to the world.

Once this golden rule of facelift is forgotten, and a surgeon focuses only on tightening and removing skin, the result is often an artificial appearance that resembles a caricature more than an elegant portrait.

Beauty in Balance

Eliminating sags, furrows and wrinkles is a primary goal of facelift, but your newly sleek facial contour must create the reality, and sometimes illusion, of a relaxed and youthful look. The ultimate proof of facelift success is a result that keeps friends and family guessing, wondering how exactly you found your inner glow while losing so many years.

The best plastic surgeons have the twin gifts of surgical precision and artistic talent. Both are essential when it comes to the task of tightening muscles in concert with lifting and paring of the skin. When there is a mismatch between the subdermal structures and the skin draped over them, the impression can be similar to the consistency of a lumpy down comforter. The result will seem even more unnatural when your face lights up with emotion: Smiles appear forced, expressions seem frozen, feelings of joy look painful.

Extraordinary Experience and Judgment

Dr. Galiano favors a conservative approach to facelift, knowing that overcorrection is much harder to revise than a procedure that less aggressively corrects a sagging profile and the skin’s loss of integrity. A slight under-correction can be fine-tuned with a variety of non-invasive options. For example, laser resurfacing can smooth and tighten the skin, and injectables will fill lines, wrinkles and hollows on your face that make you look older. New varieties of dermal fillers not only add volume to targeted facial areas, but also trigger the production of collagen, the natural protein that adds strength and flexibility to the skin.

Dr. Galiano also believes that your comfort and satisfaction are irreplaceable elements of a successful outcome. That is why he takes the time to understand your preferences and expectations, and invites all patients to review his photo album of facelift case studies. In this gallery you will notice his eye for proportion, a surgical artistry dedicated to revealing natural beauty, rather than inventing an artificial look.

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